President wary of Museveni wary of anti-gay bill. (BBC)

A bill proposing the execution of some gay people has stirred a national and international debate in Uganda. The president who is not enthusiastic about the bill has told members of his ruling party to take into account the country’s foreign partners before going on with it. The president has come under criticism from across the world.

The bill will be discussed by cabinet since it has become a foreign policy issue. Sweden has threatened to stop giving aid and other countries have called the president to register their displeasure. Homosexual act is already punishable by up to fourteen years in jail. The bill was introduced by Mr. David Bahati and had been expected to receive support from the ruling National Resistance Movement. The bill will also see a life in prison penalty for homosexual act. The bill also proposed a new life sentence for a first time aggravated homosexual offender.