Witness U-turn boosts Roy Bennett defense. (BBC)

Mr. Roy Bennett’s case has taken a sudden turn now that the key witness has refuted a great deal of the state’s case. Prosecutors say, Mr. Bennett an ally of Mr. Morgan Tsavangrai hide weapons with the help of Mr. Peter Hitschmann to plot a terrorist attack. Mr. Hitschmann’s appearance in court revealed that he had never met Mr. Bennett and disowns most of the weapons in court. He also accused the police of conspiracy.

This case has threatened to disintegrate the unity government in the country. Attorney general Mr. Tomana wants to impeach the witness for not being coherent with his statement that is the one he made to the police and now to the court. Mr. Hitschmann says he was tortured into admitting Mr. Bennett dealt with him. Mr. Bennett was to be sworn in as a deputy agriculture minister when he was arrested and will not be sworn in until the case has been settled. It is now clear Mugabe and his cronies might be manipulating the justice process and trying to unlawfully jail Mr. Bennett.