Junta Urges Chief Camara to return home. (BBC)

Senior military officials in the junta have called on their leader to return home. Capt. Camara returned from hospital in Morocco but has been in Burkina Faso. Reports say Burkina Faso may be holding him against his will. The Captain was under the impression when he left his hospital in Morocco but the Foreign minister of Burkina Faso said, the international community wants him away from the country for his deputy Gen. Konate to lead the country into democracy.

The members of the junta implored Gen. Konate on state television and radio to bring back Capt. Camara to Conakry. Some officials were in Ouagadougou on Thursday to demand their leader return with them because the sovereign people of Guinea want their president back. Capt. Camara may face arrest from the International Criminal Court for the attacks on civilians which claimed over hundred and fifty lives.