Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast to probe allegations of voters roll fraud. (BBC)

Ivory Coast’s independent electoral commission will be going under investigations to probe allegations of the commission trying to register thousands of ineligible voters. The President Laurent Gbagbo is not pleased with the electoral commissions work. The issues of whether or not to register migrants have been the cause of the civil war which broke in 2002.

Presidential elections are due in a few weeks time. There have been calls for the resignation of the head of the electoral commission who is from another political party. The investigation is likely to delay the elections. Since the end of President Laurent Gbagbo’s term in 2005, presidential polls have been delayed. Ivory Coast is the world’s biggest cocoa producer and has been struggling with production because of the civil war. A slow recovery is underway for the economy. Ivory Coast is running under a UN brokered power sharing deal with the former rebel New Forces who seized northern Ivory Coast in 2002.