MP’s opt to scrap prime minister Position. (BBC)

Members of Parliament in Kenyan have decided not to have the position of prime minister in the draft constitution being drawn up. The post of a prime minister in the country was created after the post elections violence when the main contenders could not settle on a winner. The power-sharing deal had to create a position to accommodate the leaders. Analysts have not found the hybrid system of a president and prime minister useful to the administration of the country. A parliamentary committee has asked for parliamentary checks on the president and to devolve government.

A parliamentary committee made up of the various political parties converged outside the capital to discuss the draft constitution. The draft constitution will be submitted to parliament for a debate before being put out to a national referendum. The draft constitution also recommends such things as; the president not able to appoint judges, MP’s can only serve as cabinet members when they have given up their parliamentary seats and power should be devolved to the senate and network of local counties.