Mogadishu battle mars Somali leader Ahmed’s anniversary. (BBC)

At least twelve people, including civilians have been killed in an attack by militants on African Union peacekeepers in Somali’s capital. Islamist group al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attacks. President Sheikh Ahmed today marks his first anniversary in office and the attacks have come to show their disapproval of his government.

Shells were being launched as some two hundred Somali officials listened to poetry recitals as part of events to mark the presidents one year in office. The president is a moderate Islamist and was voted to be president by Somali MP’s. Al-shabab has denied claims of being a part of al-Qaeda; they control most of southern Somalia while the government backed by AU peacekeepers control few areas in Mogadishu. The attacks also come a day after Djibouti says it plans to send additional 450 troops to beef up security of the government. Somalia has been engulfed with violence for twenty years now.