Leader in Sudan peace talk. (BBC)

Chadian leader president Idriss Deby paid a visit to Sudan to add his voice to the search of peace in the region. It is his first time in the country since violence broke in 2004. Sudan and Chad have been fighting a proxy war along the Darfur border for several years now. Sudan has over the years accused Chad of supporting militants in Darfur. Chad also claims Khartoum is behind militants in eastern Chad. These reports have worsened the humanitarian conditions in both countries.

President Deby’s visit caught Sudanese of guard because of the tension between the two countries. President Omar al-Bashir. The two leaders signed an agreement to boost security at the border. Concrete steps have been outlined as to how to ensure the treaty signed works. Neither country will have peace until the two are able to settle their differences. Some 300,000 people have lost their lives due to the violence in Darfur.