Eritreans rally against UN sanctions. (BBC)
February, 22, 2010

Eritrean citizens carried out co-ordinate rallies in Australia, Switzerland and the US to demand an end to sanctions imposed on it by the UN. In December last year, Eritrea was accused of backing Islamist rebels in Somalia and a number of sanctions were placed on the country. The sanctions include a freeze on assets and businesses and senior government officials, an arms embargo was also placed.

A UK based Eritreans says the sanctions are not legal and undermines their country. The allegation leveled against them has been denied by the government. Crowds of Eritreans gathered at the capital of Australia to demand an end to the sanctions. The sanctions were affecting the lives of ordinary Eritreans. Some people are also of the view that, the government is using coercion and emotional blackmail to solicit attention from the people. There are reports Eritreans have been warned they could lose their citizenship if they do not take part in the rally. Eritrea is known for interfering in the affairs of its neighbors.