Guinea Leader Jean-Marie Dore pleads for election funds. (BB)
February, 22, 2010

In a deal brokered to restore Guinea to republic rule, elections will be held in June later this year says the electoral officials. The interim leader Jean- Marie Dore says, the government will do whatever it takes to restore the country back to civilian rule but will need financial assistance to help carry out the elections successfully.

The country was under military rule since December 2008 when Capt. Dadis Camara took over power hours after long -time leader Lansana Conte died. Capt. Camara was shot when an aide attempted to also take over power in December last year. With the success of talks, the military agreed to hand over power within six months of holding elections. Mr. Dore says the government is working in partnership with international organizations and regional bodies such as ECOWAS on how best to conduct free and fair elections.