Militants block UN food aid. (BBC)

Militants in the Somali’s capital are preventing the World Food Program from delivering food to needy Somali’s in the Afgoye area. Al-Shabab claims the UN food program is promoting the importation of food and destroying local farming initiatives. The WFP is also of the view that, Somali farmers do not produce enough to pass round to the people in need. Their aid is only supplementing the population they cannot carter for.

The militant group has issued stern warning to the people who cooperate with the WF program. The group says anybody caught helping the program out, will be considered as contributing to the collapse of the Somali economy. Al-shabab accuses the World Food Program of distributing expired food to the people, which becomes a health hazard to them. The WFP officials say they are worried about the livelihood of the people in the Afgoye region who last received food aid in November last year. Somalia has been a country of concern to the world, since 1991 the country has been in turmoil because of the collapse of its central government.