DR. Congo

UN plans to end DR Congo peacekeeping mission. (BBC)

The Democratic Republic of Congo is considering withdrawing UN peacekeeping troops from the country. The peacekeeping mission is the largest UN mission in the world according to the United Nations. The chief of UN peacekeeping Mr. Alain Le Roy says officials will need a month to work on how the pull out of 20,500 personnel will be conducted. The peacekeeping deal expires in May this year.

The peacekeeping mission in DR Congo has been accused of atrocities such as sex abuses, running away from rebels and gold smuggling. The troops were first sent to DR Congo in 1999 to help quell a conflict nicknamed “Africa’s first world war”. The conflict resulted in the death of over four million and later included six other countries. In 2003, the conflict was officially resolved with the eastern part of the country remaining extremely volatile. Analyst say president Kabila is trying to push out the UN force before the country holds election late next year. He has given a one year deadline for the troops to leave the country. Congolese government spokesperson mentioned that, his government will only want to see the presence of the peacekeepers in the troubled eastern province of the country.