Togo hopes for more peaceful presidential election. (BBC)

With Togos’ presidential elections on going today, the vote is being closely watched by the international community. There are hopes that no violence will mar this year’s election as has been the norm over the years. The two main contenders are the incumbent president Faure Gnassingbe and his challenger Jean Pierre Fabre of the political party called Union of Forces for Change. Political parties have been advocating for peaceful elections.

Elections held in 2005 were not the best. There was post election violence that led to many deaths. There is heavy security presence in the country since the government does not want to leave anything to chance. Campaigning was very peaceful and with the swarm of international observers from the corner of the world in Togo, Togo will like to keep a god image and launch the start of peaceful elections in the country. Togo for the first time had an independent electoral commission. The state owned media has also given a fair platform to the opposition to let their message be heard. There are doubts about the votes being free and fair because there are claims the incumbent will use state machinery to influence the outcome of the elections.