This has often been said by folks who somehow have been led astray by the bible’s original quotation as to the love of money being the root of all evil. Money in itself cannot be the root of all evil. It is counter intuitive and baseless. What is the root of money? How does money get its meaning? Can money exist without the production of goods and services? Can goods and services be produced without the workings of man’s mind? Money would be an impossibility without the efforts of men who produce. I understand the drifting of a mind on the sort of money made from voodooism. Well that’s not exactly the money I intend highlighting, it is a shadow of the real thing because it kills.



 When it comes to money, something goes in return for it. As for money made from rituals, what you give is your soul. You lose it completely. While that soul can be used in production and gets replenished in the process, that of the ritualist belongs not to him, but to some force that puts it into use for the latter destruction of the desperate owner. What gives value to money? It is not what, it is who. You get money in exchange for the value you create, while you are convicted that that money will be useful in exchange for what others produce.




 It is a moral principle, it is the means of exchange for men with code of values. You know that money will get you what it can afford, completely assured that men will not default on the promise to accept money as the means of exchange. That is the moral principle that guides money. That moral principle is the root of money. Can that moral principle then be the root of evil? What is the root of goods and services produced? How did men come to have shoes, the internet, airplanes, shirts, cars, condoms, guns, ipods, blackberries, books, drugs and indeed all that has been created by men to make life better?



What is the root of all of that? The root of everything created is the mind of men. Men who decided life can always be better. No one produces by sheer brute and muscles, it takes the mind. The mind is responsible for all that has been created. The mind is the root of all forms of production whether 5000 years ago or 1000 years from now. The mind is the root of all production. No man can create wealth without the ability to think. The money looted by people was first created by the efforts of men. Corruption does not create wealth, it corners it. People complain of money being made at the expense of the socially weak by the strong. If that strength is not guns, muscles or government leanings, if that strength is the mind then all men have the capacity for strength. Have you not heard that the hand that does no work should not eat?



 A man can do no work without the mind. Those whose work require more use of their mind than their body do the most work. They are the creators, they are the ones that create new things out of old things. Creators make things get faster, better, more efficient and make the world a better place. They engage men who are in the business of working their body to put their ideas to work. Of the man who sweats with his mind and that that sweats with his body, who do you think will be replaced by machines? It is easy to fathom, because as the thinking man keeps thinking, one day he thinks the muscle man out of work by discovering new methods and machines that make his work better and faster. Money is not evil because it permits all men to work for their gain, not for their pain. It permits men to work for their benefit not their deficit. Money demands your talent not your stupidity.




Men will pay for one and you will pay for the other, mind that no man pays for stupidity so you know who does. In the world of trade, reason is the arbiter not force- the best products, the best services, the men of highest ability and talent always win. Men get money in proportion to their ability to produce in terms of quality and quantity. Those two determine how much you make. They are just. Quality means your individual product has latent and apparent value that allows men pay more for it based on their reason. Quantity means you multiply money faster. This is the rule of the game. This is the code of existence whose tool and symbol is money. Can this be evil?




 Always remember that money is a tool and not a driver. If money drives you, you will lose your mind to it and depravity sets in. That is when you see an old friend, who does not have as much as you do, so you believe s/he is less human. You break up with your boy friend because he cannot afford to travel beyond his country of residence, forgetting that money moves in the direction of men who work their mind, but the seen signs may not be apparent immediately. Rich men were always rich, only men saw that when they saw their cars and other properties. What do you think makes a far richer young woman decide to marry a seemingly poor young man? The answer is simple enough, she knows the value of an active mind, and she knows money also functions by time. A woman driven by money only sees money; a woman with the right code of values sees what can produce money. One ends up losing out to frustration as money only respects those who help to create it, not looters who in the name of dating or marriage milk men of their wealth. It could be the other way round, when men rather than see the beauty of the woman’s heart and the excellent mind get carried away by the inanities of common sight. Money has its codes, values and expectations. It accumulates in time as long as production continues.




A man forced by events to get money other than through his production is a man without the values of money. The values of money demand that you create value for money. Only time separates men from having the wealth they deserve by the workings of their mind and body. Moneymakers, keep keeping it on. Your thoughts and efforts keep the wheel of the world moving. It is just and it is godly. If production is the root of money and production finds its root in the minds of men, can money then be the root of all evil? The love of money? That is the term that describes men who’d rather have money without productive effort, so then you can call theirs the root of all evil…