AFRICANLIBERTY.ORG Berths As Africa Looks To The Future

African states are more liberal than they were in the 1960s when most of them got political independence from their colonial masters. While they run relatively  freer economies today compared to that protectionist past, African economies are still largely dependent on governments.

These African governments like most of their counterparts the world over have been consistent at failing to run successful businesses but they always have a reason to be in business. Africans remain the poorest people on earth. Moldova, a European country was the least affected during the 2008-9 economic crisis. Moldova is poignantly the poorest European country and the least free economically. Africa was the least affected continent during the depression and it is also the poorest continent and the least free. Research and realities have shown that economic freedom more than anything else results in not just the prosperity of States but more importantly, the liberty and prosperity of people.

Being an integral part of the global trade may expose you to more risks but it also opens you up to more opportunities and prosperity. That is the case with our individual lives. The more the challenges and businesses we take on, the higher our chances of risk. Not risking to be involved is the greatest risk because then you lose nothing and get nothing. will be your channel to that reality. We will on a daily basis connect you with opportunities to learn and share your knowledge from across the African continent and the African diaspora.  Here on, we will share ideas developed by Africans and friends of Africa as we look to encourage Africa’s integration into the global village. We cannot continue to engage in shackling economic policies and expect our people to tap into the opportunities globalisation offers.

Would you rather have a hundred million dollars and have it shrink to twenty million dollars in a tough trade period or you would rather have nothing at good or bad times? That is the question Africa must answer for itself, it is the question, we will help Africa answer through the well thought out posts on this website. You can be part of this change process by writing articles and posts that show the benefits of free trade and the promotion of individual liberty and human rights. You don’t want to stay out of this trust me because we have loads of benefits for users and contributors to this site.

This is the light Africa needs to shine this century. Let us help make it as bright as the sun. welcome to