The Curse Of Kenya’s Big Government Starts With Poverty written by Alex Ndungu Njeru

A few years back right in the heat of a utopic moment I and other Kenyans voted almost unanimously for a new constitution. At that moment nothing else mattered but Kenyans were giving thumbs up for a blueprint of laws that would emancipate Kenya from its social economic and political underdevelopment. Key among the issues Kenyans wanted sorted out was the respect of the rule of law. However without the benefit of foresight we Kenyans did not foresee an increased tax burden occasioning from increased levels of government. Fast forward, today it is beginning to dawn on most Kenyans that the new constitution will not deliver heaven. Of great concern is the colossal size of the post 2012 bi-cameral legislature. Previously Kenyans did not have a parliament with a Senate and a Lower House. The 2010 constitution allows a burgeoning lower house of parliament with

290 Members of Parliament up from 212. In addition the Senate, which in my opinion serves little legislative purpose and is another cash cow for senior retired elites to extract from the state, shall consist of 60 senators. These in addition to 47 county governors form a significant tax burden on the Kenyan tax payer. Now more than ever and with the benefit of hindsight we need to call for leaner government, only then can the choke and yoke on the Kenyan taxpayer be released to allow enterprising Kenyans to flourish.