Simultaneous Bomb Explosions rock Nigerian cities Abuja and Kaduna


Reports confirmed from eyes witnesses have it that the THISDAY office at Jabi near the White Plains British Secondary has been bombed. The vibrations of the blast were felt in and around Ruquayah Plaza a major building in the same area and near the Motor Park. My witness confirms she heard only one blast. Details later as I am stillmin touch with base. Nigeria needs help fast and it cannot come from the present leadership.

AIT news : one person reported dead with several casualties as a result of the bomb blast at ThisDay building. \



Reliable reports from Kaduna indicate that bombs have exploded in Kaduna, Kontangora Road by Ahmadu Bello Wayin Kaduna. Witnesses indicate they heard the blast. This appears to have gone off about the same time with the THISDAY office bomb blast that also happened minutes ago at Jabi Park in Abuja. THISDAY office in Kaduna was suspected to be the target here too.
Two people confirmed injured in Kaduna 


Nigeria suffers multiple attacks

Media houses appear to be the target of the attacks