Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda in the reality of Unprecedented Corruption


President Jonathan promised Nigerians a breath of fresh air. Next month would mark a year since he started on fulfilling that promise. Considering his government’s achievements since May 2011, he has delivered big on that promise. Despite the fact that Nigerians have become used to reports and news of corruption, they cannot claim that President Jonathan’s government has not raised the stakes. This government with its  “Transformation Agenda” is not only the most corrupt government in the history of Nigeria’s history of corruption; it is the most corrupt government in the history of in Africa.


When they promised Nigerians “a breath of fresh air” under the “Transformation Agenda” little did Nigerians know that Jonathan and his gang had their own connotative definitions of the word “Transformation.” While you’d expect “transformation” to translate to a paradigmatic change in the fortunes of the poor people of Nigeria, it is translating to a change in the fortunes of those who paid the piper. The piper here is President Jonathan. If by now you do not know that the reason we had to spend N2.6 trillion on “subsidy” in 2011 with an additional N510 billion paid to “marketers” in 2012 is because our transformation wading president needed money to run a campaign in 2011 he rightly feared would fail under challenge from Turaki Atiku whom his handlers warned would trump him at the PDP Primaries except they did it the conventional PDP way – share the money. They shared the money and won the primaries. The same need arose during the main elections and the money again flowed. If these allegations are not true, then the other explanation for a President not to be aware that his budgetary allocation to one of many projects in the budget had been exceeded by 900 per cent is worse – President Jonathan is grossly and abjectly incompetent! I cover my face in shame not for anything but for the fact that such an incompetent man reigns over a country like Nigeria that needs brains to run and manage. Any President or C.E.O who supervises the waste of $17+ billion is a waste unto himself and unto whoever believes in him. Even if he were the Cabal Executive Officer, he would admit that he has failed. His inability to admit that would conversely mean that he was part of the scam all along. At least one of these assertions is true. Whichever of the assertions turns out to be true according to Jonathan’s conscience – if same is not seared – it makes him less than a real man let alone the leader of the Black race’s biggest country.


Check your records, the scale and scope of the #fuelsubsidyscam is unprecedented in Africa. Only thieves well aware that they are protected by presidential powers would dare such. Little wonder I saw a full parade of the Nigerian Police protecting hired protesters some of whom had been paid as little as N1000 to walk against the adoption of Farouk Lawan’s historic report on the subsidy scam. Yes the Transformation Agenda is in full force. At the rate Nigeria is being stolen dry, I’d be shocked if we last till 2015.


I reserve a special commendation to Hon. Farouk Lawan and members of his committee for defying the cabal’s inducements and threats, to come out with a report that though not being perfect, has shown that when push comes to shove we still have men of integrity in our grossly dirty politics as almost always exemplified by his party the PDP. It also shoes that the PDP though a great pool of looters and haters of the Nigerian people has a few men that know that at the end of the day, the people matter.

Finally to House Speaker Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal who has consistently shown that his leadership of the House is not about entrenched interests but the interest of all Nigerians.

“Let me also remind you that we are fighting against entrenched interests whose infectious greed has decimated our people. Therefore be mindful that they will fight back, and they do fight dirty.”

God bless you Tambuwal!


This is @omojuwa


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