George Weah – No Space for Rob Sirleaf in CDC

Congress for Democratic Change or CDC leader former football star George Weah says there is no room in his party to accommodate National Oil Company Chairman, Robert Sirleaf. No space for Mr. Robert Sirleaf within the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Weah told journalists at his party's just ended chaotic convention.

"The reason is just simple," he said. "We don't have the same ideology in all aspects of life, politically, socially or economically," he added.

Mr. Weah, affectionate called the Commander-In-Chief of the CDC by his supporters said it is unfortunate that the local media chose to engage in cheap propaganda, linking him to political arrangements with a member of the First Family, something which according to him, has a likelihood to reduce his popularity with the Liberian electorate.

"The unfounded story always carried by the media that I, as political leader of the CDC and Mr. Robert Sirleaf, son of our sitting President are in close door meetings for political reasons, is a makeup from the Liberian media."

"At no time have I ever met Mr. Sirleaf for political reasons. In fact, I only met Mr. Sirleaf twice, first in London in the terminals and later in Ghana on a flight to Liberia", Weah further explained.

Weah's statement is expected to put the speculations to rest at least for now. Media speculations here about behind the scene efforts within the Congress for Democratic He said the CDC is open to everyone, who has a desire of joining the 'most grassroots party' but the party would only accept those, who believe in the fundamental rudiments of the party, and not persons creating difficulties for the already impoverished citizens.

Weah clarified that the CDC is not considering the election of a running mate or a standard bearer for now, instead, the prime focus is how best the party could be properly restructured to achieve better results in the mid-term legislative election as well as strengthening its muscles for massive recruitment, ahead of the 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

Weah said the CDC is in the vanguard for social justice in Liberia therefore, it would not mortgage the trust and confidence of the Liberian people. The soccer legend-cum politician has described the chaotic convention held in Tubmanburg 'free, fair and transparent ever in the history of the party.' Weah indicated that the newly elected officers are expected to move the party forward and bring ideas that will speed up its productivity.

"The convention", he noted, "went well" and added, "In my mind, it was one of the most transparent events in the history of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and those of our partisans that got hurt during the elections; We regret the incident and the CDC will identify with them."

Commenting on the denial of Mr. Orishall Gould from vying for the chairmanship against George Solo, Weah said Gould was not qualified to participate in the convention as contender on grounds that he resigned his post as a founding chairman of the CDC in 2005 due to his involvement in a US$25,000 scandal.

"Mr. Gould was fully aware that he was not qualified to participate in the electoral process because of his corrupt records with the party, which led to his resignation", he said.

However, Gould has dismissed the claims as false and misleading, solely intended to defame his character.

"If the party said I am not qualified than why allowed me to pay a registration fee of US$2,500? Their comments are intended to save face from the undemocratic practice toward me and the rest of the partisans, who lost their belongings and got wounded in the process", he pointed out.

Gould, a member of the disbanded LURD rebel movement, formerly served as Director of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation during the erstwhile National Transitional Government of Liberia, but was prosecuted along with other NTGL officials for alleged corruption after the transition.


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CDC leader and former football star George Weah says there is no room in his party for Robert Sirleaf

"The reason is just simple, we don't have the same ideology in all aspects of life, politically, socially or economically," he said