Egypt: EU to Finance ‘International Bridges’ Project

For attracting more investments among states, an EU-backed international bridges project kicks off between one thousand European companies and their counterparts from Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia.

The project aims to create strategic alliances and give a boost to the tripartite cooperation among the three Middle East states. The first stage of this project will be launched on 7th through 8th February in the sectors of maritime and land transport, as well as storage and logistic services.

Ahmed El-Wakeel, the Chairman of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC), said that all business organization in Egypt will take part in the great project which will work for the national economy.

According to Al-Wakeel, the project will cover six sectors in Egypt in public sector companies, including ready-to-wear clothes, renewable energy, fishing, transport, logistics and storage and the commercial and franchise centers.


via Egypt State Information Service (Cairo)

Egypt: EU to Finance ‘International Bridges’ Project

The EU is to support international bridges projects in Egypt.