Kenya: Incoming President’s Pay Slashed

Nairobi — The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has once again slashed the perks of State officers, pegging the president's gross salary at Sh1.24 million.

The commission says governors will earn Sh640,000 per month under the revised structure, while Members of Parliament will get Sh535,000.

The SRC says the new structure has already been gazetted and will take effect once the new State officers are in office.

"The gazetted structure is based on a review of a proposal the salaries team presented to the public on February 5."

The SRC is expected to issue a detailed statement on the revised structure on Sunday.

Last month the commission released its first pay structure, recommending a maximum of Sh1.7 million gross pay for the president, down from the current Sh2 million.

The commission also recommended that governors take home Sh1.1 million while MPs were to take home Sh740,920 from the current Sh851,200.

At the time, SRC chairperson Sarah Serem said the revision would save the government Sh500 million each financial year.

"What we are trying to introduce is relativity and this means that there is an improvement at the lower levels while the top is reduced or maintained at the same level," she argued.

Serem added that the current wage bill, standing at Sh14 billion, was not sustainable and risked paralysing government operations.

Finance Minister Njeru Githae had also urged the SRC to conduct a similar study for the county governments and parastatals.

He said this figure should come down to about 6.5 percent of the GDP.

Githae said the disparities in salaries of top state officials have been huge and unjustified as there are no legal mechanism that has been set to determine the salaries of these State officers.


via capital FM (Nairobi)

Kenya: Incoming President’s Pay Slashed

Kenya's incoming President and other political office holders are to earn less.