Building today for a prosperous Africa ~ Odunola Oladejo


The African Liberty Students’ Organization at the University of Ibadan hosted  a seminar series on the theme: “Building Today For A Prosperous Africa”, on Thursday, 28th March, 2013 at SCR Bello Hall University of Ibadan. The aim of the event was to create a platform for students to challenge their preconceived ideas, liberally, academically, economically, and morally, in multi-faceted areas. It was achieved by bringing knowledgeable and skilled speakers in various fields.  ALSO members from University of Ibadan, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Federal College of Education, OsieleObafemi Awolowo University, made the event a great one, making it a total number of over 70 students in attendance.


Keynote speaker, Mr. Adedayo Thomas, Director of Outreach & Publisher at African Liberty Organization(ALO), gave a lecture on “Building Today For A Prosperous Africa”. He highlighted the need for the growth of Intellectual Entrepreneurs (IEs) and emphasized the importance of individualism as a tool to driving socio-economic development in Africa.

Other speakers including Olumayowa Okediran, International Executive Board member, SFL, Pharmacist Akinniyi Aje, Clinical Pharmacy Department, U.I, gave a lecture on “Academics And Its Advantages”, and was of the view that engaging and educating students serve as the basis for the promotion of libertarian principles, individual rights, free market and property rights in a freer society.

Engr. Nosa Idusuyi, Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Department, U.I enlightened students on“Entrepreneurship And Its Benefits In The Society”. He highlighted qualities of an effective entrepreneur such as optimism, creativity, stability, risk taking, charisma and energy. He also challenged the attendees to be visionaries and emulate great libertarians.

Kunle Okediran, a member of the student organization, & an artist at KUNOKS CRAFTS shared his experience as a successful entrepreneur and a student, his art works were displayed.

A Nollywood actress, Binta Ayo-Mogaji, also clearly stated that the government didn’t help her become what she is today,  but the individual freedom she has, the hard work she has invested and proper mobilization of her talents towards her desired goals.

Features that made the event interesting and enjoyable were; “Zico & Singers”, “Salvation Dancers”, “Dammy, the Guitarist”, Free Recharge Cards & Gifts & many more.

Considerable number of students signed up to join pro-liberty activists in the cause of promoting liberty. There’s been positive feedback from attendees who are willing to join us in our exploration to making Africa a freer society.

This piece was initially published on the Students for Liberty site

The following post was contributed by Odunola Oladejo, SFL African Charter Team member & President of African Liberty Students’ Organization, University of Ibadan,(ALSO U.I)