Franklin Cudjoe fires at government “Ponzi” schemes in Ghana


People are just cooking projects everywhere, National Identification Authority (NIA), National Health Insurance Authority, Social Security and National Insurance Scheme (PONZI scheme) and National Security is still chasing goat and cassava thieves? No, the real deals are being brokered most likely without President Mahama's knowledge and he eventually will get the bad name.


– The NIA for instance has cooked and eaten a deal worth $42m by extorting $120 each from expatriates for registration when it had done so already.


– The Health Insurance Scheme is going ahead with its biometric registration of its 'members' in spite of the numerous calls to wait for the NIA to complete its biometric registration so as to make use of the same card. But ah well, some 'chop chop' so, no one cares.


– Social Security and National Insurance Trust will face us in court soon for attempting to surreptitiously claim contributions from expatriate businessmen and women who live and work in Ghana for less than 180 months in spite of what the law clearly states. The deal is simple. Once these foreigners contribute say only a year or two to the SSNIT , they ought to be paid their lump sum when leaving the country. That is where the frustrations will begin with deliberate bureaucracy until they get fed up and leave. And who takes their money? The sensible proposition is that under the new Pensions Scheme, SSNIT SHOULD NOT collect these short-term expatriate contributions. The expatriate workers should rather contribute to the second tier schemes managed by trustees, who are more trusted than SSNIT. These corporate trustees, can within 24 hours process claims for anyone who has contributed less than the 180 months stipulated by law. My point exactly is that in spite of the law which prevents SSNIT from undertaking yet another ponzi scheme, it CANNOT be trusted!


National Security, please be informed that we as a country are doing too many wrong things to ward off foreign investors. Let us not steal from them too, at least so it seems.

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