The fight against corruption in Nigeria takes technological turn – Jennifer Ehidiamen


On June 20th 2013, West African NGO Network (WANGONeT) launched a web portal called Anti-Corruption Internet Database (ACID), Nigeria’s first web repository for all corruption related issues in the country.

According to Tunji Lardner, the founder of WANGONet, the idea of creating a website to monitor and report corruption related activities in Nigeria first came into fruition 13 years ago, a period when internet access in the country was still a novel idea. He however reaffirmed that the relevance of ACID today is timely.

The Anti-Corruption Internet Database (ACID) aims to create an informative and educative corrupt practices data archiving and reporting platform with modern features for multi-dimensional public advocacy and civic engagement in the fight against corruption.

ACID is a first step to ensuring that Nigerians are able to rate themselves as well as their government leaders on efforts made to curb corruption.

The online portal which is available on both web and mobile application has different strategic tools that everyone can use to report corruption or feel the pulse of corruption in the country.

To visit the website on your computer, please click

To download the mobile apps for your BlackBerry or Android enabled phones, please visit: and

Below are some of the tools available:
ACID Wiki: A source of information concerning definitions, laws, treaties and strategies concerning corruption.

Asset Declaration: A list of Nigerian politicians and government officials that have declared their assets. The "Report Asset tool" helps user report known asset of political actors and also upload supporting documents.

Bribe Reports: A tool to report corruption cases either from public or government agencies.  Also allows for user to upload supporting documents. (Multi-media and textual).

Budget: Monitor Public Projects yourself
View and share Budgetary Infographics
Download budget resources such as actual budget documents and budget monitoring toolkits

WANGONeT's Corruption Calculator: An application which computes the opportunity cost of acts of corruption. It provides contextual comparisons into the actual cost of stolen and misappropriated funds.

Corruption Profile: A list of individuals who have been involved in corruption allegations, cases, and convictions.

National Applaud Ranking: Applauding outstanding individuals who work hard despite the temptation of corruption. Users can nominate and vote for ANY individual they believe is worthy of applaud.

 Other resources available include FREE download of Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and other important documents.

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Nigerians develop new technologies to fight corruption