Grace Mugabe’s Son Seizes Control of Mine

Grace Mugabe's son from her first marriage, Russell Goreraza, has seized control of Tolrose Gold Mine in Kadoma, amid reports of an ownership feud.

According to the NewsDay newpaper, Goreraza took control of the mine on Monday after buying some shares from Patterson Timba "who was embroiled in a protracted legal wrangle with Jameson Rushwaya over the ownership of the mine."

The paper reported that Goreraza, whose knowledge of mining is unclear, "allegedly stormed the mine at Eiffel Flats in the gold-mining town on Monday, armed with letters showing that he had taken over ownership of the company."

Goreraza is said to have declared himself the majority shareholder and proceeded to deploy his security guards to take charge of the mine, in a move that is said to have cause anxiety within the company's 325-strong workforce.

Rushwaya confirmed the development to the NewsDay and said, "business should be conducted in a legal and transparent manner so that we can grow our economy".

Political commentator Lameck Mahachi said the manner in which Goreraza has carried out the takeover indicates the way ZANU PF does business.

"This is no different from the on-going company and land seizures where ZANU PF officials walk up to anyone whose business they fancy and declare themselves sole owners.

"This is not procedural or legal. Goreraza is using his position as the son of the First Lady to throw his weight around and this is a culture within ZANU PF. They don't respect any laws. There is no indication that there were any boardroom discussions or meetings with the other shareholder regarding him joining the mine.

"This paints a dark picture of Zimbabwe to those who may be interested in investing in the country. How can you want to invest in a country that operates like a kangaroo court," said Mahachi.

The takeover was said to have been done through a company called Boulware Consulting which is owned by Goreraza and a Gladys Chiedza Chiwaya.