Kenya Discovers Massive Aquifer By Jide Niyi-Leigh

Kenya has finally struck gold with the new discovery of a massive aquifer containing enough water capable of quenching the thirst of Kenyans for the next 70 years. The recent discovery was made at Lokitipi in Northern Kenya by Monsieur Alain Gachet, a French man who applied the same technique used in locating minerals reserves to find water.

The newly discovered aquifer holds a lot of benefits; improved health and sanitation, economic, agricultural and social. Yet, I must emphasize that these benefits are all potential. There is actually a wide margin between the availability and the adequate utilization of water resources. Go ask Nigeria, a country blessed with abundant water resources, yet her citizens lack access to potable water and improved sanitation.

Abou Amani, A UNESCO scientist who was part of the team who discovered the water, stated in his interview with ITV news that there is still need for investment as well as infrastructure to be put in place in order to actualize its full potential.

The Lokitipi aquifer is not the first to be discovered in the North-Western Kenya. Four other aquifers were earlier discovered in that region, but the Lokitipi aquifer is the largest of them all.

Kenya is in the right direction to improving water supply and sanitation, agriculture as well as the social well being of Kenyans at large. However, the nation should be wary of mismanaging their resources as well as opportunist camouflaged as investors seeking to re-colonize her people. Corruption, the deadly disease that has plagued societies and nations especially in Africa is also a potential problem. It could easily hamper the growth and development arising as a result of their newly found fortune. Nigeria for instance, with all her oil and gas deposits amidst others resources has not been able to provide its citizens with basic amenities.

The rest of Africa should take a cue from Kenya. They have successively proven to the rest of us that even the supposedly impossible can be achieved. They have effectively utilized a combination of research and technology in solving one of their crucial challenges, which has paid off for them. Let's just hope that the same mistakes that marred the provision of water supply in other African countries do not repeat themselves. My sincere congratulations go to Kenya.

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Jide Leigh is MD/CEO ONL Construction Ltd. He advocates for availability of quality water supply & improved sanitation in Africa.

Jide Niyi-Leigh writes on the newly discovered Aquifer in Kenya