Kenya Army Destroys Al Shabaab Camp in Somalia

KDF Forces yesterday conducted a major aerial offensive against an Al Shabaab location in the Dinsoor region in Somalia destroying a training camp used by the militants at Hurguun.

KDF said over 300 recruits are believed to have perished in the camp while many other suffered injuries. KDF further said initial reports from the ground that four technical vehicles and a weapons store were destroyed in the assault have been confirmed.

KDF added that the training camp has been used by Al Shabaab to train operatives some of whom eventually infiltrated into the country stating that the attackers involved in the Westgate siege were trained in the camp.

Yesterday's attack is part of a broader operation by the African Union Mission in Somalia which AMISOM says has resumed today. The Kenya Defence Forces led operations under AMISOM will target Al Shabaab training camps and its senior commanders in the tri-border area between Middle Juba and Lower Shabelle and Bay region.

AMISON said targeting these Al Shabaab locations will complement operations by the Federal Government of Somalia and other allied forces that are already underway as well as deny Al Shabaab the freedom of movement and and reduce their ability to perpetrate attacks against civilians in Somalia and the region.

"The operations are being conducted following clearly defined objectives which have been validated following extensive surveillance and intelligence in order to minimise the chances of causing civilian casualties." AMISOM said