The Caravan of Liberty invades East African Universities – A report


There is a caravan doing the rounds across East Africa. It is called the Caravan of Liberty and Entrepreneurship. A set of young, passionate Africans devoted to liberating the continent from her troubles are proselytizing the gospel of entrepreneurship, and the promotion of civil liberties across the universities in East Africa.

Organized by the Eastern Africa Policy Center with the support of the Atlas Network and Students For Liberty, the Caravan promises to soldier on, informing and replenishing the souls of all the young who endeavor to live in a generation that allows for the flourishing and blossoming of the diligent and ingenious, for they shall move the continent forward.

The caravan was scheduled to visit nine universities in Kenya, Uganda and Malawi between the 27th of October and the 8th of November. The planners did not bargain for the invites they kept getting from other universities in those countries that were not on their parade. Universities in Tanzania have also invited the Caravan to make a stop in their country.

The caravan has visited five universities in Uganda with overwhelming reception. Makarere University was the first point of call. Other Universities visited include Kyambogo University, Mbarara University, Uganda Martyrs University and Uganda Christian University.

The Caravan is in Kenya now and is billed to visit Maseno University on November 4; Marist University November 6th; South Eastern University November 7th ending it all at the Training Center in Communication in Bura, Kenya on the 8th of November, 2013.

This is no tourist trail; it is hard work and sleepless nights for those who are involved. But the passion and dedication involved in spreading liberty is yielding results as more universities are inviting the caravan to visit.

For Salwa Kavuka, a student at the University of Nairobi school of Law, it afforded her the opportunity to share her passion for liberating Africa with her cohorts. She thinks that this is a noble venture because she sees so many people who share the same passion but lack the resources to make liberty work. The Caravan of Liberty and Entrepreneurship helped to empower these people.

Care is always taken, however, for political correctness as some of these countries and their citizens are scared of noble but novel ideas because of the long years of Statist policies. The Caravan, has however promised to be a bus for liberty without a brake pad.


You can catch the bus by contacting the Director, Adedayo Thomas, here .

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