Western Sahara – Barack Obama for “Mutually Acceptable” Solution

Washington — U.S. President Barack Obama said on Friday he will continue to support efforts to find a "peaceful, lasting and mutually acceptable" solution by the Polisario Front and Morocco for Western Sahara issue, and supports the efforts of UN Special envoy Christopher Ross.

"The President (Obama) is committed to continue to support the efforts to find a peaceful, lasting and mutually acceptable solution to Western Sahara issue," said the joint statement issued by the White House after the meeting between President Obama and King of Morocco, Mohamed VI.

This joint statement has devoted a special chapter on Western Sahara question and the Saharawi people rights, as well as other aspects relating to US- Moroccan bilateral relations, regional security and fight against terrorism, Africa and peace in the Middle East.

The American Presidency has emphasized the UN role to resolve the Western Sahara conflict, noting in the statement that "the United States continue to support negotiations by the UN, including the work undertaken by Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General for Western Sahara, Christopher Ross, as they urge both parties (Polisario Front and Morocco ) to work to reach a solution."


Source: allAfrica.com