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Most times when I engage in discussions where national issues are brought to the fore, after the exchange of brilliant ideas and great analysis of what the problem is, and what should be done to move the country forward, I have realized that the discussions always end with the “May God help us” phrase. Or at other times, we say, “let’s us keep praying for this country.”

I told someone recently that from my observations, we say “let’s keep praying” because we are overwhelmed with the sad political, economic and security realities that we face. We say it because we have come to the conclusion that the leadership of this country can’t deliver the result that would guarantee the economic prosperity, security and stability that we crave for. And since many Nigeriansdirectly or indirectlybelieve that the supernatural controls the natural, we are quick to draw solace fromthe belief that the supernatural will help us overcome our present tragedies. I wish!

There is no doubt that Nigerians are praying, but whether we are actually looking out for the result of what we pray for is something that baffles me. We have churches and mosques practically on every street, and we hold big monthly religious prayers that put economic activities in our major cities on hold. But the question is, are we just going to remain satisfied that we have prayed, or are we going to keep praying and hoping that that alone will solve our problems? If our many prayers are not producing results, then it means that there are things that must be checked. Else we remain worried prayer warriors who send noise, enveloped with hot air to heaven without any substantial result.

I was in a church meeting few months back and the pastor at some point asked the congregation to pray that God intervene in the ASUU and ASUUP strike, and I just couldn’t believe that God will be interested in such empty prayers. For your information, polytechnic students are still on strike since last year, and the strike is well over 9 months now. Year in year out, our schools are being closed down and all we do is pray that they be reopened, only for them to be closed again after few months. That alone is a proof that we need more than prayers to revive this country.

I believe in prayers don’t get me wrong. I have said some fearful prayers at some point and I strongly know that only God must have intervened.

Fellow Nigerians, yeah prayer is the key and like I was thought in Bible Knowledge classes, it is the master key, but prayers won’t do everything. Regardless of how hard we pray or shake our heads while praying, we’d still have to carry our own cross. Jesus at some point prayed that the agony of his death be taken away from him, I think God looked away from that prayer and ensured he carried his own cross. We all will also have to carry our own cross, even as a nation.

Religious leaders need to do more than ask their impoverished congregation to pray about everything going wrong in the country, we need to start preparing our minds to carry our cross. The cross of looking into the eyes of these few politicians and leaders who are bent on ensuring this country is run like their own private business.

Martin Luther King as a pastor, intelligently led protests, spoke truth to power without any iota of fear or favouritism. We must note that the freedom Black people now enjoy all over the world wasn’t achieved by prayers alone. People led peaceful protests, demanded to be heard and now the whole world is better for it.

We need to pray first of all to see things clearly, just the way they are, so we can plan properly and even pray well, so we don’t pray amiss. It was so disgusting to hear the CAN president, Oritsejafor say that Christians, not Muslims are the target of the Boko Haram. What is that?! Is that not a wicked way of trivializing the insecurity issue in Nigeria? Are these not the people who lead prayers and lead thousands of people to pray amiss? As long as we allow religious sentiments to cloud our minds of reasoning, we can be rest assured that our prayers will remain futile. Even the bible says “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”There are conditions for effective prayers.

God bless Nigeria.

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Lanre Olagunju is an hydrologist turned freelance journalist. He has a degree in hydrology from the University of Agriculture Abeokuta and a professional diploma in journalism from the American College of Journalism. Lanre advocates on several international platforms for the prosperity and absolute well-being of the African continent. He's @Lanre_Olagunju on Twitter

Lanre stretches that prayers alone cannot assuage Nigerians of their maladies