2 Days To Go! Hurry! Apply For The African Students for Liberty Leadership Programme

The US-Africa leadership summit holding in Washington from its theme, investing in the next generation, is suggestive of the need to engage and equip the next generation for Africa’s development. The consensus is clear: No one will develop Africa except us.

Some Africans are rising up to the challenge. Mo Ibrahim, the Sudanese billionaire, speaking at the summit submitted that without good governance there is no hope. Some Africans youths are rising up to the challenge.

 African Students For Liberty sprang out from the efforts of young Africans to stand up against the negative heritage of tyranny and totalitarianism that has plagued the continent for so long. These young individuals are dedicated to spreading the ideas of human dignity, individual and economic freedom and the ability to pursue one’s happiness without coercion. African Students For Liberty therefore provides a platform for African students to generate and share ideas that will lead to a prosperous and liberated Africa. 

The organization is presently recruiting leaders who are committed to the advancement of liberty on the continent.

The Local Coordinator program provides a community of like-minded people who feel that making Africa more peaceful and more prosperous is a business serious enough to be done professionally.  In the program, participants will learn not only what makes individuals and societies free, you will also learn how best to do it. What is more, youths will be able to teach others through their efforts in promoting liberty in their local communities what works and what doesn't.

In the Local Coordinator program, participants will undergo a virtual two-month management-training course that will open their eyes to the challenges facing their respective communities, and the best tools to address them.

 Speaking of his experience, Ajibola Adigun, an Executive Board Member of the organization said: “ The training the program afforded me was a pivotal experience; my experience as an African Students For Liberty leader and my commitment to promoting the ideas of liberty isn't over; I now serve on the executive board of African Students For Liberty after completing a four-month internship at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation in the United States. These experiences have been critical in my personal and professional development.”

This is an opportunity to contribute to helping our continent become a freer and more prosperous place. If you have a passion for liberty and have the energy and commitment to spread these ideas to a broader audience, the Local Coordinator program is for you. Through the Local Coordinator program, African Students For Liberty is looking for pro-liberty students who have an unrelenting drive and want to dedicate part of their time to making this world a freer place, but aren’t sure exactly where and how to begin. The organization is also looking for students who are already organizing or interested in organizing for liberty but would like to elevate their activities to a higher level and professionalize their work and their organizations. In general, the willingness to work hard on the subject of social change, show an entrepreneurial spirit to go out and take initiative is required.

Applications can be found below and are open till August 10.

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The LCP opens the door for leadership on the continent