Winners of African Liberty SYPALA 2015 Essay Competition

The following people are the winners of the just concluded essay competition organized to award full scholarships to the 2015 Students and Young Professionals African Liberty Academy (SYPALA) in Accra, Ghana. All the winners will be contacted regarding travel arrangements to Ghana. Travel to and from Accra, travel within Accra, feeding and accommodation while in Accra and the tuition will be covered by African Liberty. Winners should also look forward to seeing their names in national dailies. Congratulations.

  1. Dolapo Abimbola Oladiran (F)
  2. Ugbabe Adagboyi Damian (M)
  3. Abolaji Kazeem Olalekan (M)
  4. Frank Eleanya (M)
  5. Eyitayo Abiodun Oyelowo (F)
  6. Olaoluwa Halimat Abagun (F)
  7. Bukola Bukola Ogunyemi (M)
  8. Emmanuella Uche Odum (F)

PS: Essays of some of the winners will be published on this platform in the coming days.