Caution is the Word for African Countries as Zika Virus Spreads

According to the World Health Organisation, 23 countries and regions in South America have been linked to Zika Virus which is suspected to cause a condition known as microcephaly, which leads to babies having abnormally small heads and damaged brains when born. Zika Virus was originally discovered in Uganda in 1947, but this latest spread has not yet being report in any African country and researchers are still trying to determine if the one reported in South America is same as the one discovered decades ago in Uganda. A number of African countries suffered from Ebola virus spread in 2013 and 2014, with Nigeria leading the way in combating the deadly virus. It is imperative therefore that vigilance be the watchword for the continent and proper caution be taken in international trade and travel to curtail any spread of the virus that could lead to loss of lives and stall economic development. Follow this link to read more about the spread of Zika virus African countries advised to be vigilant as Zika virus spreads