Kenya To Invest $49 Million In National Railway Infrastructure Upgrade

Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) has disclosed plans to invest Sh5 billion ($49 million) in upgrading its infrastructure in Nairobi just as it seeks to raise commuter traffic. This has already started with a Sh300 million upgrade of the Ruiru station. The upgrade will happen over two years, during which 20 stations will either be built or rehabilitated in the Kenyan capital under a public private partnership model.

Nairobi is one of Africa’s cities with the worst traffic congestion. The situation was estimated in 2014, to cost the city $570,000 daily. KRC’s ‘park and ride’ could reduce congestion in the city. As it upgrades its infrastructure, KRC plans to expand the concept too. The ‘park and  ride’ concept which currently runs in a few stations allows car owners to leave their vehicles at the stations parking are for a fee (about Sh100) while they ride in a train to the city. Read more on this story.