Students, Professionals, Tourists And Artisans – South Africa Relaxes Visa Rules for Kenyans

Kenyans studying in South Africa will be issued with a long-term visa in line with the duration of their courses. The renewals of such visas will also be done in South Africa and the students will not have to travel back to Kenya. Also Kenyans travelling through South Africa to neighbouring states will not require a transit visa, as has been the case and Kenyans who study ‘critical skills’ will be issued with immediate permanent residence in South Africa.

Kenya has also agreed to place an airline liaison officer at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to monitor possible illegal migration from other countries to South Africa. Kenyans wishing to travel to South Africa will also pay less following the agreement.

South Africa also intends to enter into a visa waiver agreement with Kenya. Kenya had submitted a proposal for waiver for government officials holding ordinary passports including control measures on the issuance of such documents. Currently, Kenyan diplomatic passport holders do not require a visa to South Africa.