Zimbabwe: Government Shuts Down Social Media Amid Civil Servants Strike

Reports from Zimbabwe suggests that the government has shut down social media amid the ongoing strike and mass stay away from duty by a section of civil servants.

According to an opposition senator and former Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture, David Coltart; the Robert Mugabe regime is seeking to stifle the truth from people.

‘‘The regime can try to stifle the truth from getting out but people don’t need WhatsApp to see for themselves that Zimbabwe has been shut down,’‘ he said in a tweet.

Reports in local media suggests that many people heeded a call by activists to shut down some towns and cities in the country currently challenged by a crumbling economy and delayed payment of civil servant salaries.

Many shops and businesses in the capital Harare closed their doors, residents complained that social media services such as WhatsApp appeared to have been blocked, possibly by the government.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwean authorities warned citizens earlier in the week to go about their business as usual. Read more on this here.