Republic of Benin Receives $11 Million West African Development Bank Loan To Improve Water Supply

Benin’s water distribution company has received 5.5 billion FCFA loan, approximately 11 million dollars from the West African Development Bank to improve water supply in the country. The agreement between the bank and the National Water Company is expected to improve the availability of water especially at at Parakou, – a city east of Benin – which has been experiencing water shortage.

Inhabitants of Parakou need about 28.8 million liters per day yet the current offer stands at about 10.8 million litres, the General Manager of Benin’s Water Company says. The funding is expected to help in rehabilitation works of water treatment centres and the construction of a reservoir. Authorities say the rehabilitation works will lead to a considerable decrease in the prevalence of water-borne diseases in Parakou and its surroundings. Read the full report here.