Independent Entrepreneurship Group (Ineng) To Engage South Africa Parliament’s High Level Panel On Legislation

Ineng commends South Africa’s Parliament for appointing a High Level Panel with a clear mandate to investigate the impact of legislation Legislation affects entrepreneurs across our country every day. The Panel aims to review legislation to identify laws that require strengthening, review and/or amendments. Ineng will engage with submissions between 16 and 18 August 2016.

Parliament’s High Level Panel is important opportunity for entrepreneurs to influence the public policy process to create an enabling environment for all and ensure broad-based prosperity.

Ineng will be making submissions in the following key areas, based on recommendations received at its Entrepreneurs in Public Policy workshops over the past two years, since the first workshop convened with the Cape Town Global Shapers Hub:


Asset Ownership

Business Licensing Bill

Economic Freedom

Compliance and Ease of doing Business

Consumer Choice

Global Investment and Expansion

One Stop Shops

To make an additional contribution on any issues listed above, or any others you may encounter as an entrepreneur, please contact Ineng and make a submission