Ghanaian Government Continues Quest To Relaunch National Carrier Ghana Airways

Ghana’s quest continues to re-instate a national airline. The old carrier Ghana Airways, was fully state-owned and went bust just over ten years ago. Since then the government’s been looking for ways to put Ghana-branded planes back into the sky. The latest idea – finding a private airline to partner with.

The Ministry of Transport released an expression of interest (EOI) calling for the partnership with highly skilled aviation specialists, stating that the feasibility studies [for the establishment of a new national carrier] also demonstrated the new national airline will require partnership with an experienced strategic airline partner that has a global distribution network to adequately take advantage of opportunities in the market place.

The requirements for the partnership, according to the EOI statement outline that such an entity is required to have solid financial standing, technical strength in areas of IT systems and flight operations,  maintenance yield and capacity management, a good distribution network, and be a member of a global alliance.

These requirements effectively eliminate indigenous airlines that have expressed interest, as their current economic conditions were sub-standard of the requirements. Read more on this story here.