INENG Report: Victory For Entrepreneurs On The Expropriation Bill Is Still Possible

The Expropriation Bill has been referred back to Parliament after President Jacob Zuma heeded calls to revisit the proposed legislation.

The President is investing the process followed to adopt the Bill. This includes whether or not Parliament failed to facilitate sufficient consultation with the public, prior to the adoption of the Bill.

Ineng entrepreneurs have asked that the bill give more protections to the gains made by South Africans since democracy; by protecting property rights, particularly in the wake of thousands of land holdings acquired through title deeds. To do this requires the bill be sent back to Parliament for amendment before the Presidents signs it into law.

During a recent workshop in Philippi a majority of micro-enterprises in attendance signed a petition calling for the bill to serve before Parliament again to allow for amendments to ensure an appeal mechanism for property owners. This was needed, according to the signers, when government identified land for expropriation and valued that land at a price disputed by the business owner in cases such as home businesses and spaza shops. However this risk, it was pointed out, can affect any business and creates uncertainty which undermines people’s confidence to invest in or start businesses that create jobs.

The contents of the workshop also featured a Mayoral debate in Cape Town, where the opposition to the national legislation was raised as a subject during the discussions on land issues and business.

Greater work needed to advance property in South Africa – as previous workshops led by Temba Nolutshungu showed.

Ineng will make submissions based on entrepreneurs inputs if Parliament opens up the process for further submissions.