2016 SYPALA: Why Businesses Must Support Knowledge Creation And Intellectual Capital In The Policy Space

IMANI Center for Policy and Education (IMANI Africa) in collaboration with the Atlas Network, one of IMANI’s global partners, organized the 2016 Students and Young Professionals African Liberty Academy (SYAPALA) from 8-9 June 2016 at the Mensvic Palace Hotel, Accra-Ghana.

SYPALA forms part of IMANI’s commitment to train young Africans who aspire to become leaders to understand Africa’s unique development challenges. Every year, IMANI organizes SYPALA – connecting close to hundred participants to speakers – seasoned policy experts, established business men and women and respected Government officials who share insights on many development issues. One of such speakers for this year’s SYPALA was Mr. Senyo Hosi, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors. Mr. Hosi spoke on the topic: “Why businesses must support knowledge creation and intellectual capital in the policy space?” Find extracts of his speech below.

“Why Businesses Must Support Knowledge Creation And Intellectual Capital in The Policy Space?”

Senyo Hosi, CEO, Ghana Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors

2016 SYPALA, Accra, Ghana

The story is told of the stomach which was indifferent about what the mouth took in. The liver, kidney, intestines and all the other key organs cared less as well. For them all they had to do was to find a way to process and function with whatever they were given. For the other organs, the mouth had adequate access to the nose, ears, tongue and eyes to determine what was appropriate to down in. This was the case till the mouth believing the body was dehydrated, mistook a colourless toxic liquid for water. The stomach was uncomfortable yet neglected to reject it and force a sputum but tried to continue its function of digestion. The other organs continued the laissez-faire attitude and soon the stomach felt deep pain leading to multiple organ failures, till the whole body laid lifeless. Key questions to ask, where did the pain start from? Why did the stomach not force a sputum? Why did the mouth not use all the senses but relied only on the eyes which interpreted colourless as water? How did the remaining organs fair? And the ultimate, who is to blame?  Click here to read the full speech >>>