Australian Mining Syndicate Confirms Nickel Discovery In Kaduna State

Authorities at the Ministry of Solid Minerals Development yesterday confirmed the discovery of world class nickel in Kaduna State, by an Australian mining syndicate.

Nickel is a silvery-white metal with a shiny surface common to most metals, and is ductile and capable of being drawn into thin wires. The name is said to come from the German word Kupfernickel, meaning “Old Nick’s copper,” a term used by German miners. It is also said to be one of three naturally occurring elements that is strongly magnetic. The other two are iron and cobalt, but nickel is less magnetic than either iron or cobalt.

Nickel is used in many forms, including electric guitar strings, magnets and rechargeable batteries. It is added to a very important metal, alloy-stainless steel, which has numerous applications. It is used in cookware, cutlery, kitchen appliances and various bronzes and brasses as well as coins among several others.

Following the discovery, Nigeria is set to join the league of the world’s largest producers as the find is said to offer potential for early cash flow. Nigeria’s current major source of nickel, scrap metals, currently yields an average 2.5 metric tons annually.

According to the report, Minister of Solid Minerals Development, Dr Kayode Fayemi, is one of 13 African ministers of mines scheduled to attend this year’s three-day Africa Down Under mining conference at Perth’s Pan Pacific Hotel in September. Read more on this story.