AGRF 2016: Experts Gather In Kenya To Discuss Strategies For Africa’s Agricultural Transformation

Close to 1500 delegates including Africa heads of State and government have come together in Kenya to discuss how Africa can better benefit from the continent’s agricultural transformation.

The green revolution forum(September 5 to 9) is holding under the theme, “Seize the moment, Africa rising through Agricultural Transformation. In an address to delegates, Uhuru Kenyatta said the forum is not only important but urgent because despite Africa’s unbelievable opportunities, the continent faces food insecurity threats.

“Across the continent we depend on Agriculture to enhance food security and nutrition,“Kenyatta said.

A continental agricultural performance scorecard to measure and track progress has been made. Kenyatta called on all participates to pledge to mobilise at least 400 million dollars for public and private sector investment in the next five years. The participants have also taken steps towards a better push for accountability.

For several years, Africa has been neglecting its agricultural sector. Although 90 million African farmers can feed the whole continent, it is rather paradoxical that millions of Africans die of starvation. The goal of the forum is to ensure that Africa repents from its importation habits to become a significant global food supplier. Read more here.