Proposed Law In Namibia Bans Foreigners From Owning Land

Foreign nationals will not be allowed to own land in Namibia anymore if a proposed bill is passed by the parliament in the country. The Land Bill of 2016 forbids foreigners from owning agricultural, commercial and communal land.

Proposed by Namibia’s lands Minister Utoni Nujoma, the bill combines Agricultural Commercial Land Reform Act of 1995 and the Communal Land Reform Act of 2002 which prohibits acquisition of agricultural land by foreign nationals. According to the Minister foreign nationals own 281 farms in the country

Although the bill gives room for foreigners to own land in towns; since a bill seeking to ban foreigners from owning urban land was rejected last year by the National Council. Additionally farm owners will be obliged by law to first offer to sell the land to the government before selling it elsewhere. Read more here.