Cutting Costs – Kaduna State To Sell 1,990 Non-essential Government Houses

In other to cut costs expended on maintaining government quarters, the Kaduna State Government has decided to sell its non-essential residential quarters. The houses are to be sold by means of a public auction based on their open-market value. The decision to sell the houses is endorsed by the State Executive Council.

According to the approved guidelines, only persons and corporate bodies resident in Kaduna State are eligible to submit bids for the properties, and each property will be sold at the highest price offered. The guidelines also stipulate that no property will be sold for less than its reserve price and that every bidder is restricted to only one property.

The guidelines also indicate that the public servants that currently occupy those properties have the first right of refusal to match the winning bid. The sale excludes all government quarters in schools, hospitals and similar public institutions.

At about 3000 in number, government residential quarters have always accommodated only a minority of public servants but with a disproportionate impact in terms of resources devoted to their maintenance and renovation.

The full list of available properties placed on the state website indicates that about 1,990 houses are to be sold.

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