Investors In Ivory Coast Demand Freezing Accounts Of Agribusiness Enterprises Owned By Government

The police in Abidjan have dispersed protesters belonging to an association of investors. The investors are demanding the freezing of accounts of agribusiness enterprises owned by the government.

“We’re tired, everybody has invested, others have gotten into debt; we’ve taken loans from the bank, and I’ve invested all my money. I’ve been working for 10 years”, said Moriféré Berthé, one of the protesters.

Officials have explained that they gave money to these companies who promised “very juicy” returns. In November 2016, the government set up a working group to “assess risks and take appropriate measures”.

Subsequently, it was revealed that 36,699 people had subscribed “for an amount of capital invested which amounts to over 100 million dollars.

A planned reimbursement roadmap has been agreed by the government while judicial proceedings are to be pushed against the defaulting companies. Read more on this here.