APPLY: Young Voices’ Fall 2017 Advocate Program

Since 2013, Young Voices’ Advocate Program has been an invaluable resource in the liberty movement, proving pro bono media training and placement services for aspiring policy writers under 30. Young Voices’ writers (whom we call“Advocates”) have been published in, mentioned by, or interviewed by major media outlets including The Daily Beast, Forbes, The Glenn Beck Program, National Review, Newsweek, Playboy, Teen Vogue, SiriusXM, Sky News, USA Today, and VICE.

A rigorous application process helps Young Voices’ staff identify the brightest rising stars in the liberty movement. Upon acceptance into the program, each new Advocate has access to Young Voices’ staff of editors and media experts. Young Voices acts as a nonprofit PR agency, editing and pitching Advocates’ articles to top publications as well as scheduling interviews in broadcast media.

Throughout its four-year history, Young Voices has accepted applicants to our Advocate Program on a rolling basis. While this has provided a steady pipeline of new talent, Young Voices wants to ensure that each Advocate is given the special attention needed to succeed as a top-notch communicator for liberty.

That’s why, moving forward, Young Voices will only be accepting new Advocates on a biannual basis. So, if you know a writer under 30 looking to jumpstart his or her career in liberty, please pass along this unique opportunity.

Applications for Young Voices’ fall 2017 Advocate class are now open for a limited time. Prospective Advocates should apply before September 8th for the chance to join the liberty movement’s premier collection of rising thought leaders.

Interested candidates can apply at

Young Voices is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating the next generation of pro-liberty thought leaders in journalism, policy and academia.