VIDEO: South Africa’s failing economy and life after the downgrade by Russell Lamberti

South Africa is in the ever-tightening grip of a neo-Marxist state with key economic nodes and policy being run and directed by an anti-business, anti-free market, crony-authoritarian cabal of Leftists. They claim that the ‘Developmental State’ model of their Leninesque National Democratic Revolution will lead to rapid and shared economic growth and development. But after 10 years or more of this strategy, the results are in and it’s a dismal failure. With stagnation, rating downgrades, and a tired tax base, the ANC is now aiming for greater control over the Reserve Bank.


In this talk, Russell addresses:

– South Africa’s economic performance against global peers since the financial crisis
– Life after the junk downgrades and what to expect
– A VeneZimbabwe scorecard: how at risk is South Africa of an economic collapse and currency crisis?