Social Security Reform: Kaduna State places elderly indigenes on life medical insurance

Kaduna State Government has placed its indigenes of 70 years and above, suffering from diabetes and hypertension on life medical insurance.

The state government unveiled the initiative at the official launching/commissioning of the Hospital Cash Cover programme in partnership with Servier Pharmaceutical industry and Micro-ensure, maintaining that the state will offer free medications and pay the bills of those who could no longer foot the medical bills as a result of retirement or otherwise.

The Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology, Professor Andrew NoK who represented the governor at the event said the governor has earmarked at least 200 thousand Naira per annum for each and every beneficiary of the initiative, just to ensure that medical expenses never becomes a problem to them.

He said, “the government is keeping its promise to assist those above 70 years on medical ground in the state, and has carefully selected 2 diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which are most common silent killer diseases of people.” Read more on this here.