Opportunities: Apply to Attend 2018 ASFL Regional Conferences

African Students For Liberty (ASFL) has announced its 2018 Regional Conferences. The conferences will take place in succession between July and November in Kenya, Nigeria, Burundi and Tanzania.

The events will bring together students and young professionals championing the cause of individual liberty and economic freedom across Africa. Notable international speakers from all walks of life will share practicable ideas of liberty with participants and engage them in highly educative sessions.

ASFL Regional Conferences are held to introduce new students to the ideas of freedom and provide platforms on which dedicated champions of liberty can become effective leaders.

The events will offer opportunities to participants to develop capacity in organisation, debate, lectures and strategy communication. There will also be an opportunity for networking.

some of the issues that will form the template of discussions at the conferences include sustained attack on press freedom in Kenya, legislation against free speech and ban on codeine, rice importation in Nigeria, continental free trade agreement signed recently in Kigali by African nations, industrialization agenda and leadership crisis in Tanzania and other policies that have negative impacts on freedom.

No one will move Africa forward except us! It is time to identify wrong policies keeping up down and make a difference. Join us as we drive excellent discussions around policy issues in Africa, and build a way forward. Join us as we lead the continent to prosperity through the ideas of freedom, free markets, tolerance, and entrepreneurship.

There are limited slots available. Applicants are highly encouraged to secure seats by applying for FREE now!

The dates for the Regional Conferences are:

  • East Africa Regional Conference, Nairobi, Kenya – 21 July, 2018.

Apply here – https://www.asflconferences.org/event/eastern-african-rc/

  • West Africa Regional Conference, Ibadan, Nigeria – 01 September, 2018.

Apply here – https://www.asflconferences.org/event/west-african-regional-conference/

  • Great Lakes Regional Conference, Bujumbura, Burundi – 28 September 2018.

Apply here –  https://www.asflconferences.org/event/great-lakes-regional-conference/

  • Tanzania Regional Conference, Da res Salaam, Tanzania –  24 November, 2018.

Apply here – https://www.asflconferences.org/event/tanzania-students-for-liberty-conference/

For more information on the conferences, visit  www.asflconferences.org. For enquiries, email: africa@studentsforliberty.org