Nigeria’s Culture of Creating Laws without Implementation is Hurting PWDs

The Rwandan government recently commissioned eleven disabled-friendly buses to ease transportation for People with Disabilities (PWDs). In contrast, it is already nine months since the Nigerian government signed the 2018 Disability Bill into law, having lingered on the floor of the National Assembly for more than 18 years. But there are still no signs the bill would be implemented anytime soon and many PWDs in Nigeria are neglected to lead painful lives in harsh conditions. Federal and state governments should learn from Rwanda and begin the implementation of the 2018 Disability Act, which discourages any discrimination against PWDs.

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari only signed the 2018 Disability Act into law almost a year after it had already passed through the National Assembly, which was also interestingly, a few weeks before the 2019 general elections….

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